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Shipping Days: Our packages are carefully packed by hand in our Oakland office on Monday and Tuesday each week. Our standard shipping is always free within the USA, or you may upgrade to Priority Mail or Express Shipping.  Express upgrades are recommended for fresh henna paste orders outside of California. Please note that Express Shipping does NOT guarantee an overnight delivery, it is solely for the purpose of keeping henna fresher in transit.

Holiday Schedules: We do close from time to time to accommodate Darcy's busy travel schedule. There will be an announcement bar at the top of the page, and if you are subscribed to our newsletter we will advise of closures. 

Returns: If you receive a damaged or defective item, please notify us within 7 calendar days of receipt. We will issue a refund or replacement at our discretion. Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept returns due to "buyer's remorse", or if you neglected to open and freeze your henna paste immediately. 

 Henna Paste Orders: It is very important that you choose Express Shipping for henna paste orders especially for orders outside of California and during the warm summer months. There are no chemicals or preservatives in our paste. Please note that if you did not choose Express Shipping for your fresh henna paste that we cannot guarantee its freshness and there will be absolutely no refunds. Please make sure to freeze your paste immediately upon receipt. We do not ship paste outside the USA as our paste is completely natural and does not have preservatives or chemical dyes in it. Beware of pre-made cones that don't require refrigeration! Real henna paste expires within a few days at room temperature.

Local Pickup: We do not have a retail location, but if you are local and would like to pick up your order, we can make a pick-up appointment for orders of $100 or more. 


What is the difference between BAQ (body art quality) henna and your Bridal Quality Mehndi Powder? BAQ is a commonly used term, but ironically it usually refers to Henna for Hair. This is undeniably confusing. The reality is, BAQ henna is finely sifted, contains 100% lawsonia inermis and no chemical additives. But, it's not always suitable for body art. Confused yet? BAQ henna, while pure and safe, doesn't necessarily have the high dye-content or freshness of Bridal Quality Mehndi Powder. Hair is very porous, and easily absorbs the dye molecule, so even if the henna powder is more than a year old, it's still suitable for hair. Often BAQ henna is the previous year's Bridal Quality crop. 

What makes your Bridal Quality Mehndi Powder so special? Our Bridal Quality henna is the very same henna that Darcy uses on her brides. This henna is finely sifted, has a high lawsone content, and was harvested within the last 12 months for ultimate freshness. Our Bridal Quality henna is organically cultivated in Sojat, Rajasthan, a world famous growing region for henna. Many professional henna artists purchase our Bridal Quality powder year after year because of the excellent results they can achieve.  

My hairdresser told me henna is bad for my hair, what's up with that? Some non-BAQ hennas contain metallic salts or other dyes that can interfere with future chemical dye-jobs resulting in damaged hair, or weird colors. BAQ henna does not interfere, though it is tough to bleach out if you decide to go lighter in the future. 

I've heard henna can dry your hair, is this true? Some lower quality hennas can have chemicals, or dirt/dust in them which can dry your hair out. Our BAQ is non-drying, and in fact will smooth out the cuticle of your hair as the dye molecule bonds to damaged parts of the hair. You can also avoid drying your hair by mixing your henna paste with water instead of lemon-juice (a lot of online recipes call for lemon-juice, but this is simply not necessary)

Does henna come in different colors? Henna, lawsonia inermis, only has one type of dye molecule "lawsone" which is a reddish color. Other herbs, such as indigo or cassia are sometimes erroneously referred to as henna. Indigo has a blue dye molecule, while cassia has a golden colored dye. Indigo and cassia are only effective on hair and are not used for body art. 

Do you sell Black Henna? Henna is never black. So-called black henna is actually PPD, a highly toxic coal tar dye which is not safe for the skin, and also has long-term use effects associated with bladder cancers, fetal harm, and liver failure. You should never use black henna on yourself or anyone else. Black henna is illegal for use on skin in the USA, Canada, and many other countries. 

How do you get a dark henna stain on the skin? Using fresh Bridal Quality henna powder, and pure steam-distilled essential oils. Without these basics, you will not achieve a dark stain naturally. Follow our step by step recipe for best results. Remember that henna stains best on the palms of hands and soles of feet (where skin is thickest) and gets fainter the further away from the extremities you go. Oily areas also absorb less of the henna stain. 



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