Metallic Tattoos Super Sale!

The time has come for new projects, so we are liquidating our stock of Nüd Ink. These designs are exclusively available here, not available in stores!  Stock up so you'll have plenty to wear and share all year long! 

 Nüd Ink Tattoos are perfect for henna parties, the beach (yes, they're waterproof!), music festivals,  and anywhere you might want to flash a little skin.  Just apply, shine, and get Nüd! Lasts 3-10 days.


  1. Cut out the motifs, following the template on the back of the sheet.
  2. Remove the plastic backing
  3. Place metallic side down on clean, dry skin
  4. Wet with a spray bottle and hold firmly for 30 seconds or until tattoo sticks to skin and the paper begins to slide. 
  5. Carefully slide off paper backing and allow design to rest for about 10 minutes
  6. When you're ready for a new design simply remove with rubbing alcohol 
"Zardozi" - 4 Sheets SILVER
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Sundara Large Single-sheet
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