How to make Jagua-henna paste

Jagua-henna is a popular mixture due to its rich dark brown-staining color, but easy-to-use consistency. If you desire a blue tone, you can mix Jagua with cassia powder instead. Paste should be frozen for storage if you are not planning on using it on the same day.

Ingredients for approximately 20 J-cones:

  • 100 gram packet of Organic Rajasthani or Jamila henna powder (you can also use CASSIA powder if you need a blue stain)

  • 8 ounce bottle of Wild-crafted Jagua juice

  • 30 ml bottle of Australian Tea Tree or Bulgarian Lavender essential oil

  • 2-3 Tablespoons sugar

  1. Mix together dry ingredients (sugar and henna powder)

  2. Slowly pour in the Jagua juice, making sure not to make your paste too liquid. If you use up the whole bottle and paste is still too thick, simply add a bit of water until paste is the consistency you like.

  3. Add the essential oil and mix until there are no lumps

  4. Allow paste to rest for an hour or two before use.

  5. Optional: strain your paste through a knee-high stocking

  6. Put paste in cones or bottles and start creating art!

  7. Leave paste on skin for 6-8 hours for the most intense stains

  8. Avoid water for 12 hours after paste removal for deepest results.