Burning Man time!

Some of you may know that I am about to make my annual pilgrimage to the Nevada Desert to go express myself in a dried up lake-bed for a week. One of the 10 Principles of Burning Man is Gifting. There is no buying/selling/bartering on the Playa, but people are encouraged to participate in a gift economy. It's so exciting to give a gift to an unsuspecting recipient. At the same time, it's a thrill to be receptive to gifts from others. A gift could be anything from a memento, to something useful like duct-tape in a time of need, or simply a smile or, dare I say it, a hug. This year myself and a close friend spent countless hours crafting bindis out of broken and lonesome mismatched bits of jewelry. We can hardly wait to adorn the smiling faces, or turn someone's frown upside down.

 Hand-made bindis

Hand-made bindis

 In the spirit of gifting, I thought I would offer something you henna enthusiasts something as well!  Here is a copy of my bridal-henna mini ebook, available for download. It is available for FREE until the end of August 2013.  Please note that the check-out cart will require a credit-card number but there will be no charge (unless you are ordering other products).

Bridal Mini eBook
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 If you enjoy the designs and would like to make a donation there is a link below, and those donations will help fund future free books and resources for henna artists. 


Darcy Vasudev