Organic Indigo Powder for black hair

Organic Indigo Powder for black hair


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100% pure herbal Organic Indigo powder, no chemicals, no ammonia, no peroxide, no PPD. The only safe and natural way to maintain black hair. You can use to indigo to keep hair a glossy blue-black. To achieve brown tones, mix henna and indigo together. To completely cover grays do one henna application, followed by an indigo application - an ancient Persian tradition for healthy black hair! 

How to mix Indigo - Add very hot water to your Indigo and mix until a slightly-runnier-than-mashed-potato-consistency is achieved. You may wish to add an egg to your mixture o hold it all together and condition your hair. Make sure the Indigo mixture has cooled to a comfortable temperature before applying it to your hair. Leave in for 1-4 hours. 1 hour is sufficient for maintenance or touch-ups, or up to 4 hours  for hair that is resistant to coloring, or contains more than 10% gray.



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